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The A's have all but secured a playoff spot. The realistically need to win 4 of their next 12 games. 
Playoff Ticket prices have been announced.

We have blown our wad and put down two $50 deposits for season tickets next year which give us the option of buying a grand total of 12 strips.

The playoff tickets are sold in strips, all of the games or nothing.

We did the wise thing to wait for the Division Series games to pass. We opted for the possibility of the Championship Series and World Series tickets.

The Division Series tickets are available online and are easy enough to get. The Championship tickets and World Series tickets are much harder to get because of corporate sponsorship, the best tickets go to the networks, etc.

So, for $660 you can get the ALCS and World Series ticket strip. The strip includes all of the home games for both series. If a team gets swept or eliminated before all the games are played, the ticket price is credited to your credit card.

In other words, MLB makes you fork over the cost of games not played and then sits on the money for a few days and collects the interest.

If you want to grab a strip or go in with somebody else let me know. We don't think we're able to spring for the cost of two strips.

We have a complete price list that we'll list later today that we'll compare to regular season prices.

Just for reference, a World Series ticket for the bleechers or upper reserve is $110.


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